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“There is nothing new under the sun but there are new suns.”
Octavia Butler

Nothing is created in a vacuum. To believe that ideas just magically appear, is to deny the validity of our
interconnectedness and ignore a sense of legacy. This offering found its form through study, observation
and lived experience. With the document, are quotes and links to some of the study. Here I will call the role of
people in my life who have contributed to my thinking and practice in ways I can never fully convey. Of the
many ancestors that have influenced me, when it comes to this work I want to give thanks to my dear
sister/friend/comrade Elandria Williams. It was through conversation with Elandria that I began a deeper dive
into the role of economics in cultural development. I know she would have so much to say about what’s in
these pages.


I am grateful for the thoughtful questions, kitchen table discussions and ongoing support of
muthi reed. To be in a love that is scholarly is a gift.


The work of Complex Movements has been the primary
practice space for almost a decade. Wes Taylor,  ill weaver, Carlos L05 Garcia and Waajeed have been my closest collaborators. I have learned so much form their individual and collective brilliance.


Big thanks to my cultural studies group Hannah Pepper Cunningham, Roxanne Lawson and Joy Enomoto. So much richness every time we talk.


The Black Surrealist study group led by the brilliant artist Kai Barrow was location of deep study.

My years as a member of Alternate ROOTS and the relationships that come from organization was my first political home.  Lastly, the cohort members of Leveraging a Network for Equity have been deep teachers
and and comrades.


Through this Opportunity Agenda Fellowship, I was able to host a gathering creative
wise activists, theoreticians and cultural workers who were omen the first people to see this work.
The dialogue and feedback from this was instrumental.

Intelligent Mischief (Aisha Shillingford and Terry Marshall)
Jeremy Liu
Fawzia Mirza
Steve Williams
Danielle MKali
Kim Pevia
Kenneth Bailey
Mia birdsong

There is no way for me to do a full accounting of all the people, places and experiences I have learned from and with. For the multitudes named and unnamed, I am grateful.


Visualization, Design & Website: Ennis Carter, Social Impact Studios / Photos by Sage Crump

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