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Musings on a Cultural Strategy Toolkit
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This body of work is for people who are deeply interested in how culture lays the foundation for liberation.

The Idea Behind the Toolkit
The 4 Considerations

This Cultural Strategy Toolkit can help you navigate and explore four elements through high-level questions that you can return to again and again. They are starting points for conversations with yourself and in relation to others.

They aren’t a cultural strategy – they can help you create one.

The Toolkit
Social Relations refers to the structures and values that guide a collective of people.
  • What are potential systemic outgrowths from local community?

  • What deems a community? What are the tangible examples of interconnectedness?

  • What is valued? How do we understand value?

  • What are measures of accountability? To whom? Why?

  • What mechanism for living and learning rely on generational engagement? Where and how does this happen?

  • What modes of communication with self and others are recognized and accessible?

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